Black caviar presentation in restaurant “Melanzh”, Kiev

Black caviar presentation in restaurant “Melanzh”, Kiev

Tasting of our black caviar took place in the restaurant “Melanzh”; Ruslan Kucherenko being chef cook possessing magic to turn products into delicious ideal of taste.

Only professionals of restaurant business and culinary art participated in the event. Four types of black caviar were offered to the guests. Everybody showed live interest and try caviar samples. Guests learned a lot about grades of black caviar, production technology, standards, storage conditions, flavor qualities, etc.

After that Chef showed the highest professionalism and prepared dishes with black caviar “Aquatir”.

Tasting took place in warm and friendly atmosphere to bewitching music of saxophone. Hall interior with its graceful pictures, easy communication, white wine – all this created sincere, sensual mood so suitable for tasting of black caviar.


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